Polymorph Crafts began in December 2016 when Matt put his engineering and woodworking skills to work to create a portable, affordable, simple wooden chest that would hold everything he needed to play Dungeons & Dragons. But that wasn’t enough. What if he could figure out a way to turn it into a dice tower and rolling tray, too?

Matt went right to work on the computer, and soon we were looking at a 3D model of a Mimic Chest and all its components. He took measurements out to the shop, and made our original prototype by hand. It wasn't perfect, but it was functional, and we knew we had something special. In order to share Mimic Chests with you, we knew that we would need to be more efficient and precise.

We purchased a CNC router, and Matt created prototypes two and three. He made custom jigs and toolpaths, and we found local magnet, leather and wood suppliers, and we decided the time was right to launch our Kickstarter.